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20 years of experience providing tax advice, labor and accounting services

Tax & Accounting

We believe tax advice as a necessary tool for an appropriate business decision-making that must be accompanied by an adequate accounting management and tax compliance. READ MORE


We assign you a labor adviser, who will coordinate the work of team integrated by a professional responsible for labor contracts, signing in and out with the social security contributions, along with another professional in charge of the preparation of payroll. READ MORE


Our lawyers maintain a full coordination with the rest of professionals of the firm’s specialization, with the purpose of providing a global solution to the company’s needs respecting at all moment a strict Ethics Code. READ MORE


GESTIUN provides you with a team of official auditors registered in the Official Registry of Auditors (ROAC).
As in the rest of our firm’s specialiation areas, our auditing teams are bilingual in Spanish and English. READ MORE

Accounting and Tax Advice for business and individuals

Tax and Legal solutions in Spain

GESTIUN is a professional services firm specialized in legal, accounting, tax, payroll and audit services, with over 20 years of experience. We serve both large international companies and the small and medium company.

GESTIUN is specialized in the following business areas:

  • Taxation, Payroll and Accounting
  • Lawyers
  • Audit

Our lawyers, economists and administrative staffs are mostly bilingual in Spanish and English with excellent training according to each area.

GESTIUN promotes and advocates a very high specialization of our professionals within each area, promoting a perfect exchange of knowledge that leads to excellence in the service provided to the client.

GESTIUN helps your international company.  We are the correspondent firm for Spain of the HTLC  network, present in more than 40 countries, which allow us to provide global services  to international companies working  as a unit with our international  colleagues with a complete coordination.

The firm

  • Over 20 years of experience advising companies, both large and small companies.
  • High specialization. We believe in a strong specialization of our professionals in each of the areas, as the only way to achieve excellence.
  • Latest technology. We strive to implement the latest technology and facilitate the clients an immediate access to the information.
  • A global provider for your legal and accounting needs. We offer you a global outsourced compliance solution together with an specialized advice for each area.
  • We advise you in your language. Our professionals are mostly bilingual in English and Spanish.


Our service

Professionalism, closeness and agility in order  to access and exchange information with the customer.

We provide a fast and secure access to your information. Our clients have a private platform for consulting at any time  their  financial statements, tax returns, and the rest of their documentation.

In addition, for those customers that wish to internally manage their financial statements in conjunction  with our advice, we provide a simple and intuitive tool for a full coordination with us.

GESTIUN is a member of the following:

  • British Chamber of Commerce in Spain
  • Bar Association of Madrid
  • Economists Association of Madrid
  • Labor Relations Association of Madrid



    GESTIUN is the correspondent in Spain of the International network of legal firms HTLC network.

    This allows us to work with our foreign colleagues with full coordination as a unit.

    Working with GESTIUN you will be able to unify and coordinate your payroll and labor processes in different countries.

    GESTIUN is a member of the British Chamber of Commerce


    Wre are service focused. For us it is very important to ensure the excellence of our service and client’s satisfaction.


    We guarantee the quality of our service by assuming the legal cost or penalties imposed derived of any service mistake.

    To this effect, we have a wide liability insurance policy to cover any contingency.

    Your peace of mind is important to us.


    All the official procedures to register your company from a single place, our office.

    Authorized firms as “PAE Point” allow you to register your company within the Social Security, Tax Administration any other official organism from a single place, avoiding unnecessary travels and time expense.