GESTIUN manages your payroll compliance in Spain.


Payroll in Spain

GESTIUN manages your payroll compliance in Spain.

Would it be helpful for your company that employees access their labor information at any moment?

We provide the employees with a private web space in order to receive and consult the payroll in any moment.

We offer you a team of professionals with un unrivalled grade of specialization.

We will appoint you a payroll coordinator that will work with a professional that is particularly specialized in work contracts, another professional that will process to sign in and out of the social security, together with other professional that will prepare the payroll itself, and another one that will prepare the monthly social security bulletin.

In summary, we “specialize the specialization” as the formula to achieve excellence.


Because we offer you the best professionals with an unrivalled grade of specialization.

Because we speak your language.

Because we offer you a quick access to all your labor information.

Because the company’s employees have the possibility of a private web access in order to access its labor documents in any moment. This is particularly useful in order to receive or submit the monthly payroll or the annual withholding tax and salary certificates.

For multinational companies we offer a reporting service in English, and the possibility of coordinating and centralize in a uniform way the payroll service of different countries through the international HTLC network.

Our services

  • Employee’s monthly payroll slip.
  • Preparation of the company’s accounting report corresponding with the employee’s salaries and social security costs.
  • Employee’s standard work contract, as well as its inscription in the Public Employment Office.
  • Employee’s registration and write off in the Spanish Social Security system.
  • Social Security’s monthly contribution bulletin (TC 1 form and TC 2 form) that the company must present in relation with the employee’s monthly Social Security payments.
  • Documents related with the extinction of the labor relationship (write off the Social Security system, etc).
  • Employee’s annual company certificate, stating the gross salary, withholdings on account of the Personal Income Tax (PIT) and the annual Social Security contributions.
  • Quarterly Personal Income Tax return.
  • Annual summary withholding and payment on account of Personal Income Tax (190 form).
  • Monthly social security bulletin within the Labor administration through the RED system.
  • SMAC assistance.
  • Company’s signing in within the Social Security.
  • Documentation: Inspection book, Visits book.
  • Communication of legal variations.