GESTIUN offers an mandatory account’s auditing service managed by (ROAC).


Audit in Spain

GESTIUN offers an mandatory account’s auditing service managed by an experience team of official auditors registered in the Official Account Auditors Registry (ROAC). We typically work for medium sized companies for auditing the annual accounts.

As the rest of our specialists, GESTIUN auditors are bilingual in English.

We also specialize in any report required by the law in force, such as capital increases or decreases.

We have a complete independence with the rest of our firm’s specialization areas. Our audit clients are not advised by the lawyers or tax specialists.

Despite of the above, our highly specialize lawyers and tax specialist, play a role together with the auditors stablishing the “tax accruals” and the risks arising after a legal review, helping to clarify the company’s tax and legal contingencies.

Why our audit service?

  • Because our long experience auditing companies
  • Because our shorter turnaround time
  • Because our well stablished audit processes and reliable reports


  • Account’s mandatory Audit
  • Limited Review
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Share capital increase or decrease report
  • Economical Forensic report
  • Special reports